Higham St John's C.E. Primary School

Governing Body

Our Governing Body form two committees to monitor the effectiveness of the school.   These are 'Curriculum' and 'Finance & Resources'.  Both these committees report to the Full Governing Body, who meet each term.

Our Current Governing Body (Autumn Term 2017)

Parent Governors
Mr Robert Waring
Mrs Samantha Green

Diocesan Representatives
Rev Jane Bury
Mr John Loads (Vice Chair)
Mrs Catherine Jackson

Co-opted Members
Mr Norman Stott   (Chairman)
Mr Dominic O'Neill

Miss Sarah Foden

Mrs Kristie Collinge

School Staff
Mrs Helen Shaw (Headteacher)
Mr Steven Ingham  (Teacher Representative)

You can contact our Governing Body via email with any Governor related queries at governors@higham.lancs.sch.uk    Please note that this is for general queries relating to the Governing Body.   Any issues surrounding individual children, staff or the day-to-day running of the school should go via the class teachers / Headteacher in the first instance

Governors' Register of Interests, Attendance & Committees

Our Staff

Mrs H Shaw

Deputy Headteacher:
Mr D. O'Neill                  Class 2 (Yr 1/2)

Teaching Staff: 
Mrs A. Cockett                Class 1 (Yr R/1)   Wednesday - Friday

Miss H. Flynn                  Class 1 (Yr R/1)   Monday - Wednesday
Mr D. O'Neill                   Class 2 (Yr 1/2)
Miss S. Kardasz              Class 3 (Yr 3/4)

Mrs K. Fox                       Class 4 (Yr 4/5)

Mr S. Inghan                   Class 5 (Yr 5/6)
Mrs R. Farrington           SENCo

Nursery Nurse:
Mrs P. Southcote

Teaching Assistants:
Mrs E. Booth
Mrs E. Gregory                
Mrs J. Jones  
Mrs H. Shepherd
Miss K. Shone               
Mrs D. Spark
Mrs S. Wilde                  

School Administrators:
Mrs A. Robinson
Mrs C. Anderson

Site Supervisor:
Service Alliance

Headteacher:  Mrs H. Shaw

Bursars: Mrs C. Anderson & Mrs A. Robinson

At Higham St John's, we aim to forge a close relationship between school and home so that children may achieve their maximum potential.  We strongly encourage parents and carers to work with us to develop your child's learning and seek to address any problems at the earliest opportunity.